class pybliometrics.scopus.SerialSearch(query, refresh=False, view='ENHANCED')[source]

Interaction with the Serial Title API.

  • query (dict) – Query parameters and corresponding fields. Allowed keys ‘title’, ‘issn’, ‘pub’, ‘subj’, ‘subjCode’, ‘content’, ‘oa’. For examples on possible values, please refer to
  • refresh (bool or int (optional, default=False)) – Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not. If int is passed, cached file will be refreshed if the number of days since last modification exceeds that value.
  • view (str (optional, default="ENHANCED")) – The view of the file that should be downloaded. Allowed values: STANDARD, ENHANCED, CITESCORE. For details see
  • Scopus400Error – If provided value for a query key is invalid or if for non-subscribers the number of search results exceeds 5000.
  • ValueError – If view parameter is not one of allowed ones or if query contains invalid fields.




The directory for cached results is {path}/{view}/{fname}, where path is specified in ~/.scopus/config.ini and fname is the md5-hashed version of query dict turned into string in format of ‘key=value’ delimited by ‘&’.


A list of OrderedDicts representing results of serial search. The number of keys may vary from one search result to another depending on the length of yearly data. Note: Can be empty.


Return the age of the cached file in days.


Return the modification date of the cached file.


Return number of remaining requests for the current key and the current API (relative on last actual request).


Return time when current key is reset (relative on last actual request).


Return the number of results (works even if download=False).