Source code for pybliometrics.scopus.serial_title

from collections import namedtuple

from pybliometrics.scopus.superclasses import Retrieval
from pybliometrics.scopus.utils import check_parameter_value, get_link

[docs]class SerialTitle(Retrieval): @property def aggregation_type(self): """The type of the source.""" return self._entry['prism:aggregationType'] @property def citescoreyearinfolist(self): """A list of two tuples of the form (year, cite-score). The first tuple represents the current cite-score, the second tuple represents the tracker cite-score.""" try: d = self._entry['citeScoreYearInfoList'] except KeyError: return None current = (d['citeScoreCurrentMetricYear'], d['citeScoreCurrentMetric']) tracker = (d['citeScoreTrackerYear'], d['citeScoreTracker']) return [current, tracker] @property def eissn(self): """The electronic ISSN of the source.""" return self._entry.get('prism:eIssn') @property def issn(self): """The ISSN of the source.""" return self._entry.get('prism:issn') @property def oaallowsauthorpaid(self): """Whether under the Open-Access policy authors are allowed to pay.""" return self._entry.get('oaAllowsAuthorPaid') @property def openaccess(self): """Open Access status (0 or 1).""" return self._entry.get('openaccess') @property def openaccessstartdate(self): """Starting availability date.""" return self._entry.get('openaccessStartDate') @property def openaccesstype(self): """Open Archive status (full or partial).""" return self._entry.get('openaccessType') @property def openaccessarticle(self): """Open Access status (boolean).""" return self._entry.get('openaccessArticle') @property def openarchivearticle(self): """Open Archive status (boolean).""" return self._entry.get('openArchiveArticle') @property def openaccesssponsorname(self): """The name of the Open Access sponsor.""" return self._entry.get('openaccessSponsorName') @property def openaccesssponsortype(self): """The type of the Open Access sponsor.""" return self._entry.get('openaccessSponsorType') @property def openaccessuserlicense(self): """The User license.""" return self._entry.get('openaccessUserLicense') @property def publisher(self): """The publisher of the source.""" return self._entry['dc:publisher'] @property def scopus_source_link(self): """URL to info site on""" return get_link(self._entry, 0, ["link"]) @property def self_link(self): """URL to the source's API page.""" return get_link(self._json, 0, ["link"]) @property def sjrlist(self): """The SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) indicator as list of (year, indicator)-tuples. See """ return _parse_list(self._entry, "SJR") @property def sniplist(self): """The Source-Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) as list of (year, indicator)-tuples. See """ return _parse_list(self._entry, "SNIP") @property def source_id(self): """The Scopus ID of the source.""" return self._entry['source-id'] @property def subject_area(self): """List of named tuples of subject areas in the form (area, abbreviation, code) of the source. """ area = namedtuple('Subjectarea', 'area abbreviation code') areas = [area(area=item['$'], code=item['@code'], abbreviation=item['@abbrev']) for item in self._entry["subject-area"]] return areas or None @property def title(self): """The title of the source.""" return self._entry['dc:title'] def __init__(self, issn, refresh=False, view="ENHANCED", years=None): """Interaction with the Serial Title API. Parameters ---------- issn : str or int The ISSN or the E-ISSN of the source. refresh : bool or int (optional, default=False) Whether to refresh the cached file if it exists or not. If int is passed, cached file will be refreshed if the number of days since last modification exceeds that value. view : str (optional, default="ENHANCED") The view of the file that should be downloaded. Allowed values: BASIC, STANDARD, ENHANCED. For details see years : str (optional, default=None) A string specifying a year or range of years (combining two years with a hyphen) for which yearly metric data (SJR, SNIP, yearly-data) should be looked up for. If None, only the most recent metric data values are provided. Note: If not None, refresh will always be True. Examples -------- See Notes ----- The directory for cached results is `{path}/{view}/{source_id}`, where `path` is specified in `~/.scopus/config.ini`. """ # Checks check_parameter_value(view, ('BASIC', 'STANDARD', 'ENHANCED'), "view") # Load json self._id = str(issn) self._years = years # Force refresh when years is specified if years: refresh = True Retrieval.__init__(self, identifier=self._id, view=view, date=years, api='SerialTitle', refresh=refresh) self._json = self._json['serial-metadata-response'] self._entry = self._json['entry'][0] def __str__(self): """Print a summary string.""" date = self.get_cache_file_mdate().split()[0] areas = [e.area for e in self.subject_area] if len(areas) == 1: areas = areas[0] else: areas = " and ".join([", ".join(areas[:-1]), areas[-1]]) s = f"'{self.title}', {self.aggregation_type} published by "\ f"'{self.publisher}', is active in {areas}\n" metrics = [] if self.sjrlist: metrics.append(f"SJR: year value") for rec in self.sjrlist: metrics.append(f" {rec[0]} {rec[1]}") if self.sniplist: metrics.append(f"SNIP: year value") for rec in self.sniplist: metrics.append(f" {rec[0]} {rec[1]}") if metrics: s += f"Metrics as of {date}:\n " + "\n ".join(metrics) + "\n" s += f" ISSN: {self.issn or '-'}, E-ISSN: {self.eissn or '-'}, "\ f"Scopus ID: {self.source_id}" return s
def _parse_list(d, metric): """Auxiliary function to parse SNIP and SJR lists.""" try: values = [(r['@year'], r['$']) for r in d[metric + "List"][metric]] return sorted(set(values)) except (KeyError, TypeError): return None